Ghost Stories - the haunted heritage of a location brought to life

Every room has a story to tell… you just need to close your eyes and listen…

Ever told a ghost story at night? Ever told one in a haunted location while the ghosts watch on? 

Ghost Stories are a collection of stories told by the characters that lived the story as you explore the haunted location by torchlight. Dark and atmospheric, the tour puts you in the heart of the action, no need for gimmicks, sets or props - the real location for the story is all the experience needs, for a darkly theatrical experience. Experienced story tellers guide you around the location, telling you the creepiest ghost stories, sinister tales that relate to the location you are standing in, told by the characters that lived the experience. 

Each location has its own collection of story, time period and collection of characters to ensure you get a true sense of the deep heritage of the site.


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Spice Island Tour - The Portsmouth Ghost Walk

The Portsmouth Ghost Walk: Spice Island

The Original Ghost Walk for Portsmouth brings Georgian England to life

01 April, 2023
7:30PM - 8:45PM

Ever told a ghost story in a haunted manor?New Event

Ghost Stories from Wymering Manor

Ever wanted to hear a ghost story told in a haunted location...?

14 April, 2023
7:30PM - 8:45PM

Which of the theatre ghosts will you meet?

Ghost Stories from The Kings Theatre

Dare you explore this Edwardian theatre after dark? Even go beneath the stage?

18 April, 2023
7:30PM - 8:45PM

Medieval Merchant cellars are hiding some secrets

The Southampton Ghost Walk

The Original Ghost Walk of Medieval Southampton... the streets come to life!

19 April, 2023
7:30PM - 8:45PM

Four very dubious guides await you on The Winchester Ghost Tour

The Winchester Ghost Walk

The Original Ghost Walk of Winchester - the haunted trail of medieval streets

25 April, 2023
7:30PM - 8:45PM

Tales who lived at the Castle - have a story to tellNew Event

Ghost Stories from Portchester Castle

Dark stories from 1000 years of turbulent, bloody history told after dark

28 April, 2023
7:30PM - 8:45PM

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