The Christmas Mystery Escape Room

Take the Challenge!

Date: 13/12/21 to 16/01/22

Time: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Location: The Brickworks Museum

Ticket Price: £15+

The Elves' workshops have enlisted the steam production lines at the Brickworks Museum into the production of Christmas Presents... but someone is not keen on this idea and is trying to sabotage the enterprise. Just as the production is gearing up to produce millions of gifts everything is jeopardy as the race is on to find out which Grinch wants to stop this and how they plan to do it. Solve the mysteries, get your best deduction hats on, work as a team and find out who is the saboteur! We need you to help save Christmas!

This new game is available for live action play within the Brickworks Museum either in person or from the comfort of your own home.
If in person: up to 6 people can play the room. The room is cleaned between play and we advised masks are worn inside the room.
Live Avatar: up to 7 separate screens can play the game, streamed live directly into your own homes. You will instruct a live Games Master in what to do, how to solve the puzzles and how to open locks. You will just need a browser with camera and microphone so you can communicate with the Games Master. Up to 7 users can view the game at once (although more than one person can be on each screen). This Escape Room is suitable for all the family.

Further Information

To attempt the challenge you must book a time slot to play. The game can either played virtually from the safety of your own home with a live avatar who plays the game under your instruction - or can be played in person for up to 6 people. Once booked you will receive confirmation email of your booking with further instructions. One hour before your game you will receive a reminder text and email. If playing virtually you will receive a link via email 15 mins before the time of play; follow the link and open in a Browser window; we suggest Google Chrome for best play and interaction. No other programmes or downloads required. We do recommend a pen and paper to work out puzzles but you can request the Games Master to go back to any puzzle and show a clue at full screen at any time. Time slots are GMT (London) do have a look at see what the time difference may be. If you need a different time than those on offer please do message and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The location: The Brickworks Museum
Address: Swanwick Lane, Bursledon, Hampshire SO31 7GW
Parking: There is plenty of onsite parking
Accessibility: Access to all levels - there is a lift to the first floor.

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