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Do you know someone who enjoys listening to dark stories in heritage locations? Then they would love a Theatre of Dark Encounters Experience.

By buying a Ghost Walk Gift Voucher the recipient will receive not only a voucher to be redeemed against any of the Theatre of Dark Encounters Tours but special VIP treatment. If you want a friend selected by the magistrate for special treatments, sent first into dark basements and attics to check if the coast is clear - then the VIP Voucher will push them right to the front!​

From the Casebook: The Turn of the Screw

In 2019 The Theatre of Dark Encounters brought to life Henry James’ classic Ghost Story told in the atmospheric settings of Wymering Manor and Stansted House.

A young governess agrees to look after two orphaned children in a seemingly idyllic, but remote, country house. But shortly after her arrival, she realises that the house is haunted by a troubled past. The Governess will risk everything to keep the children safe, even if it means giving herself up to the ghosts. As the audience arrived in the impressive entrance Hall of the Tudor Manor House, Wymering Manor, or the country house grandeur of Stansted House, characters from the play beckoned them deeper into the house where the story unfolds and the tension increases.

The Theatre of Dark Encounters created a truly unique immersive experience, where actors taking the roles of Serving Staff, moved the group around the location as characters emerged from corridors and entrances and even windows around them as the sinister ghosts finally sought revenge against the Governess.

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